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ANZCI Aotearoa New Zealand Constellations Incorporated

ANZCI Mission Statement

Poua te taketakenga whanaungatanga i rō hapori kāhui whetū ki Aotearoa. Me te whakaaro ake ki ngā tōpito o te ao.

Establishing the foundation for connection within the constellation community in Aotearoa. Whilst participating consciously internationally.

Our Founding Members

Tracy Cartwright

Who is she? Tracy is a dream weaver, a creative intuitive, a Family Constellation facilitator, and drum maker. She is passionate about plant medicine, family, somatic body wisdom, elemental blessings and healing through art.

Tracy's ancestors are a melting pot of cultures from Scottish Irish, Swedish, Maori, Hawaiian to English, this brings a colorful collaboration of resources and strength.

Coming from a background in nursing, herbal medicine and child care, Tracy has a diverse range of skills which support her immense ability to guide and support others on their journeys.

Tracy is Family Constellation trainer and has been facilitating for over a decade. She has hosted and facilitated local and international retreats for empowerment and connecting to self through the movement of the soul.

She has presented on the global stage through online conferences and the Australasian intensives.


Rachelle Mann

Rachelle is a storyteller, a wordsmith, a poet by nature, a lover of humanity, the beauty of this incredible dimension, and a dedicated student of the human experience.

At 19 she completed a Community and Social Work Certificate at WINTEC, drove trucks, went to uni where she studied management and psychology, and after an entrepreneurial career running her own businesses in recruitment and sales, the loss of her baby Daughter in 2015 led her to training in Family Constellations and stepping into her souls purpose of working with people in trauma.

Rachelle is an accredited mediator and a has skills in event management, HR and group facilitation.

Rachelle is the founder of Journey To The Heart, where she is committed to working alongside women. She takes groups of women deep into the IN-VISABLE utalising family constellations and other tools, training women to lead their lives from their divine higher selves, meeting and embodying their own innate wisdom, readjusting the lens from the divine having a human experience, to the human having a divine experience and living in heart coherence with the morphological field that supports all of our souls path and purpose.


Jenny Gibbons

Training in alternative health and focusing on horse/human psychology I have specialised in trauma, making a natural progression to systemic constellations in 2014.

Equine therapy and systemic constellations are fundamentally ‘systems sensing’. I have presented at psychology conferences in Aotearoa, facilitated international seminars and trainings in Norway, Ireland, America and Rarotonga.

Having over 50 years’ experience literally ‘in the field', I respect the herd wisdom and social intelligence horses bring to this work. Honouring sentient communication, I have observed their proficiency and the transcendence they bring to this somatic experience.

I work holistically from an indigenous perspective supporting people to explore possibilities in a collaborative environment. Accessing one’s authentic self we create a sacred space together where unifying consciousness for human connection is created. The most elementary human life is lived in waking sleep. Moving beyond the sleeping state can eventually morph into everyday action and we become a walking meditation ~ transcendence.
I work individually and in groups with clients from ACC sensitive claims, Ministry of Education, Oranga Tamariki, The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care, Māoriland, and Ōrongomai Marae. My clients range from children as young as three to adults in their seventies.
Ngā mihi 


Jo Amrein-Palairet

My hometown is Tauranga, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Taupo, New Zealand is my birthplace, my ancestors are Swiss German, Scottish & Irish. I am the youngest of three children.

I have a teaching degree specialising in special education.  I'm a trained facilitator in Family Constellations and also a facilitator for sensitive yin yoga and trained in Reiki.

I love offering Family Constellation Therapy to communities and individuals. It consistently provides healing in ways that I could never have imagined.

I have spent many years gently weaving through my own generational and life trauma. I found constellation work to be deeply moving and healing and in my opinion, it is magical.


Fiona Kerr Gedson

Internationally Recognised Artist, Fiona works from her home near Ōpōtiki, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa, within the boundaries of the Whakatōhea Iwi. Having grown up in Tāneatua & Rūātoki, within the presence of the Tūhoe people, she acknowledges that these influences have contributed to her perspective on life.

“Though I am a full time artist I've been involved in family constellation work for more than 10 years. I am passionate about sharing this profound mahi, it's been instrumental in the betterment of my life and undoubtedly continues to help me to be a more clear conduit for my artwork”.

Ngā mihi nui




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