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Simon Cox

Simon was born in New Zealand and is of Western European ancestry. Spiritual education and application came through a Ringatu Tohunga (Maori Medicine Man) in the early 2000’s which opened up a whole palate of spiritual ability and connection. Introduced to Constellation work 8 years ago, he revels in the multiple potentials and histories that the field presents.

In Constellation, he has particular skill as a tracker of ancestral dysfunction and an affinity for unwinding magical abuse.

Simon holds a BSc in Ecology and a PhD in Genetics.

Beyond the Field - Extrapolations from the base pattern into other realms

This presentation is designed for the practitioner that is interested in broadening the field into other realms; namely the Faere realms. In these times the veils between dimensions are noticeably thinner allowing those that resonate with these realms easier access. It has been my experience that the root of some client’s dysfunction lies in the relationship with Faere and/or the magic that originated in the Faere realms.

The presentation will be introductory. Key goals are to consciously establish the attendee’s relationship to 

- Higher Soul/Oversoul with emphasis on that soul’s relationship to Faere



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