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Shavasti, also known as the author John L. Payne, has facilitated more than 500 Family Constellations worldwide.  He has lived in multiple countries from childhood onwards and claims both English and Hispanic heritage. He was a background in energy healing (Barbara Brennan School of Healing), Shamanic Practice with Patricia WhiteBuffalo, NLP and various other body centred modalities. Shavasti and others often refers to his work as ‘movements of the heart’ in which he place a particular emphasis on the Language of the Soul – also known as healing sentences.

Under the name John L. Payne he has written two books on Family Constellations, namely: The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations and The Language of the Soul. Under the name Shavasti, he has a 5 hour audio book entitled Teachings from an Awakened Heart. 

Shavasti provides training for a number of Family Constellations training organisations globally and provides training to large groups on a regular basis. He has been involved in Family Constellation work since 1998

Shavasti is located in London 



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