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Analia Dayub

Analia is a true adventurer who values freedom, embraces diversity, and is passionately committed to social equity. Her life's purpose is focused on reducing violence across the globe. She traces her roots to a rich blend of cultures, being a third-generation Argentinean with Austro-Italian and Syrian heritage, but her heart is firmly rooted in Christchurch, New Zealand. There, she enjoys a “slow living” lifestyle, connecting with nature, and the sea, caring for animals, spending time with friends, and dancing.

Analia's credentials include encompassing Life Coaching, Ontological Coaching, and Family Constellations Facilitation, with a specialization in Systemic Health, Clinical Sociology, and Psycho-Genealogy. She also holds a Chemical Engineering degree with a master's in Business and Management, and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Analia is an associate member of ANZCAL and works in an NGO where she supports people with mental health and addiction challenges in their housing journey under the Treaty of Waitangi. Beyond that, she collaborates with different organizations in humanitarian services, currently, she is a volunteer for the UN Refugees Resettlement Program through a local organization.

Analia's unique approach revolves around helping individuals heal the underlying issues and traumas contributing to their anger and rage while providing them with the tools to manage these emotions effectively in the meantime. She combines chemistry and neuroscience with ancestral, family, and systemic constellation connections, psycho-genealogy, and trauma techniques inspired by the work of Stephan Hausner and Dr. Levin."



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