UPDATED 19th September: Event tickets now available to purchase!

Inge Schwarze

Introducing Inge Schwarze from Germany, who will be one of our esteemed guest speakers at the Family Constellation Intensive scheduled in Taupo for 2024. Inge Schwarze, holistic practitioner and Family Constellation facilitator, draws on over 30 years of clinical experience in emergency medicine as a senior registered nurse, specialising in operating room and anesthesia. Since 1996, she has practiced as an alternative practitioner in body therapy, offering systemic constellation work in group settings.Her enduring vocation is to support individuals on their journey to self-discovery.  The constellation formats she employs create the conditions for healing and personal development.Throughout the sessions, various formats, including Trinity Constellation, Inner Family, and Heart Constellation, are explored. These modalities empower inner alignment through letting go, receiving, accepting, and giving.Inge looks forward to welcoming you to the transformative experience of constellation work.


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