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Alexandra Finkelstein

Mexican - American Systemic Constellation Facilitator & Trainer living in QuerĂ©taro, Mexico. Born in India, New Delhi in July 28th, 1972.

Professional Career in Business Management. Miami Dade Community College & Mexico.

Other short Degrees: Gestalt Human Development, Bioenergetics & BioDynamic Massage, Logotherapy by Victor Frankl, Meditation in diverse schools and practices, Reiki Master studies and practice for 9 years, Bach Flower Therapy continued courses and study, and 15 year Seva/Service in two Indian Spiritual Organisations.

Alexandra personal approach as a spiritual seeker is to hold our human, natural and cosmic soul within our Ancestral, Family & Systemic Constellation Relations, Healing and Integration of the Individual, and the finding of our place in this life and space. Trauma work based on her training with Dr. Anngwyn St Just is a strong base of her work.

As a Yoga Practitioner working with pregnancy she was touched by the entry of the soul into this incarnation in motherhood, and her mission is to provide the life and love energy through the practice of yoga, for strength in the prenatal childhood bond.

Today she holds a Holistic practice for the past 30 years now through Constellation, Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki Healing and Medical Bio Magnetic Field Therapy.

Alexandra is head of Regional Chapters for ISCA - International Systemic Constellations Association, as a Board Member 2019-2025.

Here her work is based in creating and supporting Systemic Communities around the world for ISCA and for their Regional Heads who hold this communities by language and by land.

Founding Member and Coordinator of the Education Commission for AMCoFyS - Mexican Family & Systemic Constellation Association, for 3 years.

Her role here with a team was to create monthly constellation internal event programs based on monthly research by team and members, constellation, discussion and presentation within members strengthening understanding and comprehension of our Mexican Shadow and Hidden Dynamics of the collective issues of our historical past in this country that filter through daily constellation practice.


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