UPDATED 19th September: Event tickets now available to purchase!


This will be New Zealand's inaugural Systemic and Family Constellation immersion, hosting world class facilitators, representatives and participants from far and wide.

Take a deep dive into your family origins, to uncover systemic inter-generational patterns that affect the fabric of our lives. Experience emotional freedom and the ability to seek answers with new clarity.

We will be connecting with our Ancestors, finding deeper understanding of long existing traumas, losses and grief that exists in our family systems, and healing the areas of our lives that are ready to heal.

This immersion is open for all who are interested in this phenomenal worldwide healing practice. It offers therapy practitioners, coaches and all people, a clearer understanding of the human experience on a cellular level, and how balance, order and belonging affect us within our whānau system

We invite you to join us in the field, in a true space of love.

If you haven't experienced Family Constellations yet or want to describe it to someone who may also benefit from this immersion, you can find out more here

Wairakei Resort Taupō

In arguably one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s top tourist destinations, we invite you to Wairaki Resort and Spa where you will experience 4.5 star hospitality.

About the venue: Wairakei Resort is located in Wairakei Tourist Park, just minutes from the city of Taupō NZ.

Two geothermally heated swimming pools and 6 outdoor hot tubs are complemented by an on-site spa, and another public hotpool facility is an easy drive from the resort.


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